The brake and clutch specialist

Founded in 1985, Mosa Frein has been the brake and clutch specialist for racing and motorsport for more than 35 years, but also for historic and exceptional vehicles.

This very specific specialization has allowed us to develop unparalleled experience in our sector, naturally leading us to become an importer of the major brands.

Beyond simple advice for the optimization of an existing system, we are also able to support you in the calculation, definition and creation of a specific brake or clutch system, whether your project is based on an existing vehicle or whether you are creating a competition vehicle from scratch.

On top of technical advice, our workshop is able to support you for any specific realization, restoration of components, test on bench or break-in of new products, in order to offer you global technical assistance, whether through advice or equipment.

We also have two assistance trucks in order to be able to offer you support during competitions, so that Mosa Frein can be a partner at all times by your side.