Track Days

For uncompromising performance on the road and on the track! Make the most of your braking system's potential, discover performance that lasts, lap after lap!

Discover our selection of specific "Trackdays" parts, offering performance from the world of competition while being compatible with your original braking system. Our selection of brake pads for Trackdays brings together friction materials from the world of racing, whose performance is unmatched by traditional road products. Maximum allowable temperatures are several hundred degrees higher than the original brake pads, while still offering impressive grip. Although sometimes not approved for open road use, the products offered in this section have sufficient performance for this use (coefficient of friction at cold temperature at least equivalent to that of a standard product). However, the notions of noise, dust or wear remain secondary to their primary purpose, which remains performance in intensive use. In combination with a Racing brake fluid resistant to high temperatures, the pads in this section will allow you to make the most of the original dimensions and calipers of your brake system.

Is your clutch system showing its limits in intensive use? Sachs Performance's wide range of reinforced clutch mechanisms and discs allows a transmissible torque that is 30 to 100% higher than your car's original system, while offering OEM quality and plug&play assembly.