Maximize your car's performance with our range of high-performance parts approved for road use.

Find here our selection of high-performance parts for road use. Get the most out of your original brake system by taking advantage of the performance of the best brake pads and discs available for your car. More than any other component, a high-performance brake pad will significantly improve the performance of your system, offering a higher, more consistent grip and greater resistance to high temperatures. This will immediately result in more confident, more efficient braking, with shorter braking distances for greater safety or simply more fun when driving sporty. Discover also our very wide range of available replacement discs, made with the best cast iron currently available on the market for the large series, containing the addition elements allowing it to withstand the highest thermal stress. All the braking components proposed in this section are CE-R90 approved for use on public roads.

Your clutch system shows its limits following engine mapping, regular towing of a trailer or the use you have of your car? Sachs Performance's wide range of reinforced clutch mechanisms and discs allows a transmissible torque 30 to 100% higher than your car's original system, while offering OEM quality and plug&play assembly.